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Sublimation Printable iPhone Skins

Personalized iPhone Skin banner

Apple's iPhone has been the N.O.1 seller in the smart phone market for 2 years. It gathers huge number of fans. But, the addicts of iPhone suffer the common problem at the very beginning when they made the decision of purchasing the iPhone handset. That is the exactly same look of the device, making young iPhone owners puzzled. They want it to stands in a different way. BestSub provides the solution to change the averagely looking iPhone to your shinning precious. Description:Personalized iPhone Skin
We provide BOPP made iPhone skin for the need of decoration and self branding. It is tailor made for iPhone makeover with the capacity of residue-free and easy application. The ultra protective glossy vinyl skin is designed to bringing clear printing and novel style to iPhone.


Item Name: Personalized iPhone Skin
Item N.O.: IPTM01
Material: BOPP
Dimension: exactly matching iPhone size

1. Custom made for iPhone makeover;
2. Free sublimation printing via heat transfer papers;
3. Removable BOPP with high glossy laminate film;
4. Air release channels for easy & bubble free application;
5. Front and back coverage of Apple iPhone 4;
6. Instant surface protection and cover old scratches;
7. Free skin change with minimum expenditure;

Hate the universal tedious appearance of Apple iPhone? Do you fall into the worry of that frequent change of iPhone cover could add a big extra charge? Place orders at BestSub and make over the iPhone with these uniquely cost effective sublimation skins.

Personalized iPhone Skin