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Sublimate iPad 2 Cases Instructions

1.Image Printing

Get your image from digital camera, scan, and memory card or designed by yourself, then output on sublimation paper in A4 size through inkjet printer.
Note: Sublimation ink and mirror printing is essential.



2. Printed Image Fixed

The white blank area of iPad case is suitable for sublimation, so put the printed paper on the area and fix the image and iPad case by heat resistant tape to make sure no move when pressure testing.

Note: The printed paper should cover the printing area fully, as shown in the following figure.


3. Printing Process
Open the iPad case and make the blank printing area fixed with printed paper lay on the silicon flat mat of flat heat press. Confirm the proper pressure and start the press machine by setting the temperature 180c and time 120s. When the temperature rises up to 180c, pull down the heating board and the sublimation process begin.
Note: The other part of case should be out of the heat press area except the blank printing area because the leather will be in the condition of high temperature.


4. Printed iPad Case Finished

When the printing time come to an end, pull up the heating board and you will see the printing paper yellowed and the outlines of the image turn up. Then tear off the paper, and the iPad case take on a new look with beautiful picture.