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Photo Crystal production guide

step 1

Using a Digital Camera Or Scanner, input the image into a computer.

step 2 design

Using a graphic software, for example, Adobe Photoshop?,adjust and prepare your image so it is around 5mm larger than your crystal. wet your index finger and thumb and take hold of the transfer film the side that sticks to either finger is the printable side.

Step 3 output

Using an printer, with normal ink, print image onto the Crystal Film, do NOT flip the image

step 4 production

Using the Crystal Glue glue the Crystal Film to the crystal, put it into the crystal machine for a few minutes, it uses a ultraviolet light to cure the image to the crystal. Pull out the crystal, peel the film from the crystal carefully and slowly, using the crystal glue, glue the backboard to the crystal, put it into the Solidification Machine for a few more minutes, trim it, the your done one beautiful finished crystal.

as easy as that.