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Personalized iPhone 4-4S Cases Instructions

Protect your iPhone 4 while adding a splash of color and personality. These rugged and durable iPhone cases are easy to customize with designs that let your personality shine while protecting your investment from scratches and other damage from everyday use. Choose from a sliding case design, hard-shell back cover design and see-through design with rubber sidings. Each personalized iPhone case is ultra-thin for portability while giving you easy access to controls and docking. You'll also find bulk pricing on our customized iPhone cases.


1.Image Printing

Get your image from digital camera, scan, and memory card or designed by yourself, then print out in an inkjet printer.
Note: Sublimation ink & paper and mirror printing is essential.


2. Image Cutting
Select your favorite picture and cut the printed paper in a proper size.
Note: The size is a little large than the size of printing sheet.


3. Blank Printing Sheet Standing By
Tear off the film covering on the printing sheet and present the white area where have been already coated for sublimation.


4. Printed Image Fixed
Make sure the printed paper area fit for printing sheet. Then, fasten them by heat resistant tape to confirm no move when the pressure testing.
Note: The side of printing sheet should be covered completely by printed paper.


5. Printing Process
Make the blank printing area fixed with printed paper lay on the silicon flat mat of flat heat press. Confirm the proper pressure and start the press machine by setting the temperature 180c and time 120s. When the temperature rises up to 180c, pull down the heating board and the sublimation process begin.


6. Printed Sheet Finished
When the printing time reach an end, pull up the heating board and get the printed sheet stuck with paper out of the silicon flat mat. Then remove the paper and your customized image present on the sheet prepared for iPhone cover.


7. Printed iPhone Cover Finished
Tear down the sticker on the iPhone cover and put the printed sheet in the correct place to stick in the iPhone cover, then a unique iPhone cover finished.
Note: For the camera head of iPhone, the hole on the iPhone cover and sheet should be assured alignment fully.