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Digital Heat Press Machines Manual

SD72Welcome to BestSub Technologies Co. Ltd, this is the catalog of Digital heat press machines.
All the heat press machines here in the catalog are our company’s bestsellers, especially the 8-in-1 combo heat press machine and 4-in-1 combo heat press machine. The machines are digital temperature controlled, which make the machines very easy and safe to operate. With the following machines, you can imprint every kind of products possible in heat press industry by yourself, such as mugs, plates, T-shirts, caps and so on. Especially the combo heat press machine, with only one combo heat press machine, you can imprint all kinds of products with your personal images. The product with personal image is popular and unique and it is the best choice for gifts.

For more information, please use the links below. If you would like to imprint a mug, please directly click Digital Mug Press or ALL-IN-ONE Digital Mug Press. After linking to that page, there are all the details below the title, such as manual and parameters. Besides, we could customize the color of the machines for you, depending on the quantity of your orders.

Please download the manual: http://www.bestsub.net/tech-support/downloads/category/3-document.html?download=24%3Adigital-heat-press-machines-manual